Monday, August 6, 2007

WDBO-AM Report on Orlando CopWatch (pt. 1)


WDBO Rides With Cop Watch

Mike Synan

posted 08/06/2007 08:28:10

In July, WDBO rode along with cops on a night shift. This month, we went with a group that watches the police.

The ACLU's George Crossley runs Cop Watch "to make sure that law enforcement does its job properly without...overdoing it."

"We've gotten a lot of complaints specifically from the black community about law enforcement and how they're approaching that particular community."

Stop one on our evening involved Orange County deputies searching a black teenager who made a U-turn on his bike on OBT.

Crossley says, "He was riding a bicycle while black."

Deputy Chief Brad Margeson says we don't know enough about the stop to say that.

"There's a whole lot of variables that really need to be taken into consideration...It's so easy to take things out of context. It's so easy to describe them in a way that's not accurate."

We didn't see Orange County deputies do anything wrong on the stops, and they didn't say a word to us. The situation was different in Orlando, and it nearly got our reporter ticketed or arrested. We'll tell you how OPD reacted to Cop Watch Tuesday on Central Florida's Morning News.

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