Tuesday, August 7, 2007

WDBO-AM Report on Orlando CopWatch (pt. 2)

source: http://580wdbo.com/includes/news/indepth/01535_Reporter-Rides-With-Cop-Watch_064523.html

Reporter Rides With Cop Watch

Mike Synan

posted: 08/07/2007 06:45:22

"There's no reason for an Orlando police officer to be afraid of Cop Watch, as long as that police officer is doing his job properly."

Cop Watch is an ACLU-led group that films law enforcement in action to check for wrong doing. We told you Monday Orange County deputies had no problem with that, but OPD had a much different reaction.

[NOTE: ORLANDO COPWATCH IS AN INDEPENDENT GROUP; IT IS NOT LED OR CONTROLLED BY THE ACLU IN ANY WAY, although it does have the involvement of some ACLU members. However, they are involved as individuals, not in any official capacity on behalf of the ACLU.]

"If they want to film us, there's nothing wrong with that."

OPD Chief Mike McCoy says they have no problem with Cop Watch.

"We welcome it. We assume we're on tape anyway."

That's not the reaction WDBO's Mike Synan got on the street. An OPD officer instructed another officer to block their view with his vehicle. Mike moved to get a better look, and that's where Cop Watch's George Crossley picks up the story.

"You were about to get a ticket for jaywalking, Mike, until they realized that you were who you are."

In response, Chief McCoy said, "He's one officer out of many, and I don't know what the circumstances were."

The officer backed down and left the group alone, and they didn't see the police doing anything wrong. That bust was good one. Two guns were found, one of them stolen, and two felony arrests were made.

The ACLU and Chief McCoy do agree on one thing.

"As long as the Orlando Police Department does its job properly, they have nothing to fear from us," said Crossley.

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