Friday, September 7, 2007

Orange Co. Deps. Shoot @ Car During Traffic Stop; Driver Later Dies

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Updated: 6 minutes ago

Investigation continues into man who died after traffic stop

April Hunt | Sentinel Staff Writer
3:10 PM EDT, September 7, 2007

Two law enforcement agencies are still sorting through details that led to a deadly shooting during a routine traffic stop Thursday night.

The sheriff's office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are conducting concurrent investigations into the incident, which began when two motorcyle deputies pulled the man over during a speed check on South Rio Grande Avenue and Michael Terrace.

When deputies Chester Parker and Aaron Wilson walked toward the car, the driver revved the engine and hit one of the men with his car, said sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson. The officers, fearing for their lives, shot at the car before it sped off into the woods, Williamson said.

The driver dumped the car in the woods and began running. The deputies chased the driver through the woods, where they found him bleeding heavily. It was unknown Thursday night if the driver was hurt while driving through the woods or if he was shot by officers, Williamson said.

The man was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he later died, Williamson said. Deputies have not released his name, because they have not been able to locate next-of-kin.

The driver did have a criminal record, Williamson said.

Parker, 48, and Wilson, 40, have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard practice. Parker is a five-year veteran of the department, while Wilson has been a deputy for 12 years.

Neither of the deputies was seriously injured.

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M said...

wtf? still know reason for the pigs to use deadly force. what about shooting the tires or maybe not taking a body shot at him with a firearm.