Saturday, September 22, 2007

Orange Sheriff Ordered to Release Documents,0,1022798.story

Beary ordered to release documents

(published) September 22, 2007

ORANGE COUNTY - -Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary, under investigation over a nonprofit anti-terrorism organization he helped create with public money and worked for, was ordered by the state to turn over several personal financial documents and communications that show his involvement in the business.

The state Ethics Commission filed a request for the four-term sheriff to provide documents about him and his staff that detail their dealings with the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition Inc.

The seven-page document, filed Friday, requires Beary to produce more than 16 separate records.

Beary was paid a $43,000 consulting fee for work done off-duty. He agreed to repay the money.

Early this year, the commission said it found probable cause that Beary may have violated conflict-of-interest prohibitions against doing business with his own agency.

The business was created using public funds after the 2001 terrorist attacks to develop anti-terrorism software that was marketed statewide and nationwide.

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